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Our Approach

At Integrated Behavior Solutions, our supervisors also provide direct therapy for each of their clients. With this, the BCBAs and BCaBAs get a better feel for how their program is written, they see the progress before their eyes, and they too establish a working relationship with their clients.


We take play to the next level at IBS Inc! Focusing on play not only increase​s a client's social skills but also builds confidence, imagination, and generalization of new skills.


We pride ourselves in being family-based. This is your child and we are guests in your lives. We strive to keep the working relationship respectful, relaxed, and professional. We always look forward to the frequent parent and caregiver meetings held in the clinic or via telehealth.

Family Based

At IBS Inc, we work on a block schedule of 2 hours. The schedule is created and modified by the clinical director and training manager. Having supervisors in charge of the schedule allows for more structure and routine for the client and therapist. This means a team of the same therapists with the same clients. 



We have a team approach when we are implementing our interventions. We strive for constant communication with our supervisors and take time at the beginning and end of our sessions to have a briefing (with parents or therapists). With a team approach, everyone is “up to speed” and can focus on our clients.

Team Approach

Play-Based Therapy

BCBAs conduct direct therapy

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