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We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, but active participation of caregivers and families is absolutely crucial in helping them achieve their greatest potential.

Occupational Therapy is creative, scientific, and evidence-based practice that encourages
development, independence, and rehabilitation through the practice of everyday activities
(occupations) that are meaningful to the individual.
A child’s occupations are activities that
enable them to learn and develop life skills, be creative, derive enjoyment, thrive, and be
productive as possible.

What is it?


How we do it

At IBS, we will evaluate and target the most significant areas of need through individualized clinic-based intervention for infants, toddlers, children, and youth. We will consider the child’s whole body and how it contributes to overall functioning, the effect of the task difficulty, as
well as the role of the physical and social environments. Keeping focus on the things your child needs and wants to do, we will develop individualized goals that address resuming and pursuing the things that are important to your child and family. Our aim is to improve your child’s ability to perform daily activities, achieve their goals, and to help promote independent participation. While we develop these critical skills, we additionally strive to build upon their
levels of confidence and self-esteem.

What we offer

Occupational therapy will offer your child activities, exercises, methods, and other interventions to improve functional participation. Along with this, your OT will:

● collaborate with the parents/caregivers and other professionals to identify and meet the needs of each child

● identify and modify (or compensate) for barriers that interfere with, restrict, or inhibit functional performance

● teach/model skills to children and others in their environments to extend therapeutic intervention to all aspects of daily life; provide tips and strategies for families to try at home

● develop ideas and adapt activities, materials, and environmental conditions so children can participate in all necessary settings (home, school, community

What we focus on

Areas of participation addressed through pediatric OT include:

Facilitating movement to explore the environment independently, participate in recess, team sports, and family recreation
Using hands and fingers in a coordinated manner to manipulate toys/materials
Developing the ability to eat, drink, groom, and dress independently
Using toys and materials in both traditional and creative ways
Learning to pay attention and follow directions
Building skills for sharing, taking turns, and playing with peers
Learning to cope with disappointment or failure
Forming and maintaining productive friendships
Strengthening self-determination and decision-making skills
Participating in age appropriate daily routines


Many of the developmental areas and milestones focused on in pediatric OT are:

Gross Motor/Motor Planning skills
Fine Motor skills
Visual-Motor/Vision-Perceptual skills
Self-Care Skills
Attention/Executive Function
Play skills
Sensory Processing
Social Interaction

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