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To implement behavioral interventions that focus on socially significant behaviors, and Integrate them in our client’s home, educational, and community life.

It is the goal of Integrated Behavior Solutions Inc. to ensure treatment services that are family-based and progressive. It is the goal of all analysts and technicians employed by IBS Inc. to live out our "Core Values" of integrity, character, humility and excellence.


Family Based – What does it mean to be truly family-based in our approach?

  • We are guests. We fully recognize that when we begin working with a family we are not inviting them to be a part of our world (interventions), but rather they are inviting us to be a part of theirs (family). This is an important distinction because it defines our role in the process more clearly and shapes our focus.

  • Communication. Rapport and direct communication is just as critical with parent(s)/caregiver(s) as it is with the child. With clear communication, we are able to think beyond the clinic and typical ABA programming, and truly spend time analyzing and working on what is socially significant for our families.

  • Team Approach. Communication leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to more appropriate interventions, and more appropriate interventions lead to increased rates of progress. Working together with families, rather than apart from them, allows our parent(s)/caregiver(s) to truly be part of the process of developing the most socially significant goals for the child. Our BCBAs also collaborate on cases to ensure the highest level of care.

  • Training. We recognize that true generalization of skills does not happen without family involvement, and that it is just as much our job to work with those who surround our client as it is to work with the clients themselves. Long-term success is much more dependent on the training and involvement of the family structure than it is on the charisma and expertise of the clinician.

  • Two-Way Street. To be a family-based practice doesn’t just mean that we are focused on the families we are serving, but also that we are cognizant of our own personal families and committed to see each thrive.


Progressive – To apply our science in both technologically sound and progressively interpersonal ways.

We strive to apply our scientific, research-based principles in the most natural ways possible. Our goal is for both our clients and their families to be excited about therapy because it is reinforcement-based and centered on the motivations of the child. Using play as our main approach allows for increased rates of response and progress.

Excellent – That in everything we do (client contact, data collection, parent contact, programming, professional contact) we maintain the highest level of professional integrity and continue to strive to understand more of the “Why” and “How” of our client’s behavior and our science.


Committed – Through our preparation and intention, we communicate both verbally and non-verbally to our families that we are committed to them. We are consistent in our delivery of therapy and committed to give 100% during each therapy session.


Professional – Maintain our professional and ethical standards with the highest level of integrity and purpose. Be thoughtful of how we approach our families and staff, knowing that we all have different perspectives and backgrounds.

Our Mission: Text
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