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School Consultation/Collaboration

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We are now offering school consultation/collaboration services to school districts and families.  Our services focus on an adaptive FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) process, Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), and/or individual student consultations.
The adaptive FBA process is designed for real-time change, instead of change that occurs only after the FBA is completed, and it relies on collaboration with schools and caregivers instead of mere consultation.  Implementing the FBA process in this way allows for all key stakeholders to be involved, which increases the usefulness and feasibility of the recommendations.
Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) are developed with the data generated from the FBA.  These plans focus on positive behavior supports and reinforcement strategies as opposed to punishment strategies.  Research has shown that teaching positive behaviors as alternatives to challenging behaviors increases the effectiveness of the change process.
Individual consultations focus on specific students and their specific behaviors of concern.  Again, the goal of these services are to bring key stakeholders to the table and create positive behavior change plans for the student and school staff.

School Consultation/Collaboration: Service
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