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How ABA is Implemented?

Who will be implementing treatment for each client?

IBS Inc. strives to develop a team-based plan for all clients. Supervising BCBAs and BCaBAs provide supervisory roles for behavior technicians, but also focus on providing aba therapy directly with each of their clients. At the onset of services, a BCBA will implement all or most of the client’s program.  BCBA direct therapy will be faded out to a BCaBA or behavior technician as acquisition of skills, family involvement, funding sources, etc. change. Once a BCaBA or RBT is added to the client’s schedule, the BCBA will schedule direct and indirect supervision once every 1-2 weeks (depending on the client, insurance requirements, funding, etc.). Initial and on-going parent trainings are available, and recommended, throughout the course of treatment. A BCBA or BCaBA will implement these trainings.

How ABA is Implemented: News and Tips
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